Jordan ⚑️ Staniscia

Designer at @goabstract. Comics. Sneakers. Travel. Past: Lead at @Instacart, Storify, Livefyre. Every day ends with Curb your Enthusiasm outro music.

Payam Rajabi

Designer at Abstract

Taylor Lapeyre

Half boy, half chocolate chip cookie

Aayla Anderson

Design Advocate @ Abstract

Tim Van Damme

Principal designer at @abstract.

Sara Zhang

Product Designer @ Abstract

Max Lind

Manager Field Marketing / Designer Evangelist at Abstract

alden from abstract

Design Advocate @ Abstract

Ben Erez

Product @goabstract

Haley Thurston

Engineering @ Abstract

Alison Harshbarger

Social Media and Community Manager at Abstract

Andrew McCloud

React @GoAbstract & @ReactVegas Co-Organizer

Daina Lightfoot

Probably riding motorcycles or lifting heavy things. Brand Design @goabstract . Formerly: @disney @hootsuite @dropbox + more. Canadian 🍁

Tim Chang

☺ Design + Code + People ☺

Tom Moor

Head of Product Development @ Abstract 🎨, building Outline πŸ“

Laura Mosher

Full-stack software engineer with a passion for clean code and oxford commas.

Coley Logan 🍯 🐰

Content strategy at Abstract

Brandon Lucas Green

product @ abstract. also, songwriter / producer / struggling writer / caffeine addict

Paul Bouchon
andrea burton

Andrea Burton, Design Advocate at Abstract